From Sunday

From Sundays is about exploration. Each year we find an exceptional vineyard and see what is possible. The same grapes, picked on the same day, made in a variety of styles. 

Probably the most interesting wines we make. Like a family, each wine is similar but has a unique personality. This concept explodes the idea of varietal character. Even choosing to do nothing is a choice and this shows that every decision we make in the winey has a consequence. 

2016 - Pinot Gris - Three Ways..

In 2016 we found an incredible vineyard in the high alititude (920m) region of Orange, NSW.
The Pinot Gris was an incredible vibrant purple colour and we knew we wanted to play with the usual notions of what pinot gris can be. We divided the grapes into three batches and made three wines using different winemaking techniques which each show of the diversity of
the varietal.

The "carbonic" sold out in record time so we decided to make another vintage in 2017. 

All of the wines were made from hand picked grapes, went through spontaneous fermentation, and had no additions, no fining and with minimal filtration. 


tank samples of the gris during analysis

Juiced is in the style of a classic Alsatian Gris, textural, with loads of apple and honey. It's the one closest to a "normal" pinot gris. 

Carbonic is brilliant copper in colour and a whole other level in lifted aromatics. Combining the best of both worlds with white and red fruit characters. The closest thing I can relate it to is the most delicious apple and blackcurrant juice you have ever had. I always serve it chilled and it's my go to summer afternoon wine. 

Skins has been dubbed the 'noir de blanc'. It looks like a red wine but is made from a traditionally white wine grape. Served slightly chilled its delicate strawberry is as seductive as any Pinot Noir. 


2017 - Nebbiolo

In 2017 we found a beautiful vineyard in Kersbrook in the northern Adelaide Hills. The subregion borders on the southern end of the Barossa Valley but the 450m altitude provides a stark contrast to the growing conditions just 10 minutes down the hill. VSP trained, east west rows and shoot and bunch thinned to achieve optimum vine balance. The site was chosen for the From Sunday wine this year as it is another example of letting great fruit turn into great wines. Hand harvested then separated into two parcels, one for whole bunch carbonic and one for a more traditional expression or baby Barolo as we tenderly nick named it.