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Fine Wine.

From Sunday Winemakers is a collective of viticulturists, winemakers and sommeliers from Australia. 

Our philosophy is simple. We use science to try and understand nature, not control it.   

Generally this means we farm sustainably, try not to add anything that's not fruit and try to remove as little as possible. 

These are the wines we like to drink. They are made to be enjoyed. 

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Good Times.

Wine is as much about who you're with and where you are as what's in the glass. These wines are all about good times. 

These are wines we talked about when we got drunk. Weird blends, unusual varieties, unconventional winemaking techniques. How can we work with what nature has given us to make something exciting, vibrant. 

Lighter, fresher, made to enhance food not compete with it.

Made for Australia.  

These are the wines we want to drink.