Milla Pinot Noir

Milla Pinot Noir


2017 Pinot Noir - Adelaide Hills, South Australia

Sam manages this Organic Vineyard in the Adelaide hills that just has some really beautiful fruit, in particular this super rare german clone of pinot noir (more about this below). We wanted to show off all the work he has done in the vineyard and create a really vibrant, fresh and juicy wine. To really showcase the fruit and nothing but the fruit this wine was made with super low intervention. Indigenous yeasts, open fermenter, no oak, no additions, minimal filtering, minimal sulfites. It's the kind of wine we like to drink. In the summer whack it in the fridge for 20mins. Delicious. 

From Sam the Viticulturalist: Vineyard is in the Southern Adelaide hills bordered by McLaren Vale, Kuitpo forest and the Fleurieu peninsula. The ridge is unique as airflow drains through in the evenings from the coastal breeze of both peninsulas, lowering the temperatures dramatically overnight allowing even ripening throughout the season. The vineyard is low input chemically but high input mechanically as in lots of hand manipulation to get the canopy and crop load perfect. The clone is GM18 which was selected in the Geisenheim University(Germany) trials on Pinot Noir for its loose bunch structure and is bright fruit characters, one of only a couple of known plantings of this clone in Australia. The soil is clay over ironstone which allows it to retain moisture in the root zone but drain excess through the rock layer which inhibits the soil from becoming anaerobic hence giving the vines amazing access to nutrients from the soil solution. 

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