From Sunday, 2019 "Carbonic" Pinot Gris

From Sunday, 2019 "Carbonic" Pinot Gris


From Sunday, 2019 Carbonic Pinot Gris

Orange, New South Wales

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This is the second in a series of 3 wines we made to show how diverse the world of wine can be if you think a little out of the box. 

We picked some beautiful pinot gris from a high altitude vineyard in Orange. We then then made the wine in three different ways.

  • The one is called "carbonic" because we made it using a process called carbonic maceration 

  • Another one is called "juiced" because thats basically all we did to it

  • The last "skins" because it was made with full skin contact. 

For those of you who don't know, Pinot Gris is a mutant of Pinot Noir and has a purple-y coloured skins so we were able to get 3 pretty different looking and tasting wines. 

If you click the word Carbonic Maceration it will take you to the wikipedia site about it, but essentially its a form of fermentation where the magic is happening inside each individual berry. If you pick a berry out of the tank it tastes alcoholic and fizzy. Very delicious. 

The "Carbonic" is brilliant copper in colour and a whole other level in lifted aromatics. Combining the best of both worlds with white and red fruit characters. The closest thing I can relate it to is the most delicious apple and blackcurrant juice you have ever had. I always serve it chilled and it's my go to summer afternoon wine. 

All of the wines were made from hand picked grapes, went through spontaneous fermentation, and had no additions, no fining and with minimal filtration. 

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