Our Wines

From Sunday winemakers is a collective of like minded individuals from around Australia. Together we craft a diverse range of wines. Each wine is created with a specific idea in mind. A region we want to explore, a style, a feeling. They all have unique personalities. Unique stories. This is our current collection

Behind the Wines

From Sunday: These are our experimental wines. Each year we pick a different grape to explore. Try new things. See what happens.

Lucky’s: Unpretentious and fun. Wines for everyone.

Childish Wines: Wines inspired by our children. Labels drawn by them.

Palloncino: Prosecco, Australian style.

Single Vineyard Collection: Sometimes you see a vineyard so great you just can’t pass up the opportunity to work with the fruit.

Includes; Geologie, Johnny Blanco, Capella and The Beast.