From Sunday "Juiced" Pinot Gris

From Sunday "Juiced" Pinot Gris


2016 Pinot Gris - Orange NSW

We picked some beautiful pinot gris from a high altitude vineyard in Orange. We then then made the wine in three different ways.

  • This one is called "juiced" because thats basically all we did to it.
  • The second one is called "carbonic" becuase we made it using a process called carbonic maceration and
  • The last "skins" because it was made with full skin contact. 

For those of you who don't know, Pinot Gris is a mutant of Pinot Noir and has a purple-y coloured skins so we were able to get 3 pretty different looking and tasting wines. 

Juiced is in the style of a classic Alsatian Gris, textural, with loads of apple and honey. It's the one closest to a "normal" pinot gris. 

All of the wines were made from hand picked grapes, went through spontaneous fermentation, and had no additions, no fining and with minimal filtration. 

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